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WYCCF celebrates carnival with vaccinated Pfizer troupe

ST. JOHN’S: It was carnival recently at the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) when vaccinated staff and clients had a carnival celebration on its premise in St. John’s Estate.

The WYCCF “Pfizer Troupe” danced outdoors around the buildings with colourful feathery costumes, loaned by well-known troupe leaders Brenda Wathey and Erica Fortuno. A music truck helped the revelers get into the spirit and continue to dance throughout the afternoon.

Elderly care residents also danced along with the troupe while Sister Basilia clients enthusiastically jammed on the roadside.

Based on the latest health guidelines, vaccinated persons can safely enjoy outdoor activities; this is why the mini carnival was deemed very safe by WYCCF. The activity was also important to showcase to those who are still hesitant about vaccination that life will return to normal with herd immunity.  

WYCCF Operations Manager BregjeBoetekees said virus restrictions took a toll on all clients as many haven’t hugged loved ones for more than a year. “So now that they are vaccinated, it is fantastic that we can responsibly increase their quality of life.”



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