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Mountain Climbing

Desiree Winkel, SXM Fitness trainer has set off on her quest to climb Island Peak, Nepal in the Himalayas.

Climb Island Peak Nepal 20,305 ft — Khumbu, Nepal

Sponsored by businesses on island Desiree has put in months of training with heavy backpacks.  At 54 she is at the peak of her fitness and eager to go.

First step, get clearance to fly and enter Nepal in these Covid times and to engage the services of a Sherpa Guide.

May 4 – Her travels through Doha, Qatar to Kathmandu, Nepal took nearly 50 hours.

Kathmandu is very quiet as it is under strict lockdown.

First thing after meeting up with her Sherpa Guide – PCR tests.

Word from the Sherpa Guide was that the departure on May 9 to fly to Island Peak is on hold as the Nepal government suspended all domestic flights due to spreading of corona virus.

May 7 – Good news, they have been issued with their permits and can go.

First a 10-hour drive by jeep, then a 4 day walk to reach Island Peak camp. Desiree feels safer in the fresh air of the mountains than in the town.
The roads are country style; they have to move some rocks out of the way of the jeep.

But they are on their way!



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