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Alternate use for plastic products

Using less plastic is an easy and fun thing to do especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

Forget the plastic fabric type sponges and use natural sponges.

Biodegradable loofah sponges are easily grown on island. If you can’t grow loofah, find someone who can, gardeners love sharing) – you can sometimes find them in a pharmacy. 

A loofah, the seedpod from a vine, consists of net-like knots that are intertwined into a big airy puff. It is rough and squishy and makes an excellent natural absorber and exfoliator. 

It exfoliates smoothly – rub the loofah all over when in the shower.

Us it to scrubs pots and pans (no, not the badly burnt ones, of course.)

Use to clean basins, sinks, counter tops and pretty well anything.

Bought loofahs sometimes come filled with soap. 

Natural ones you can fill with soap. Artisan soaps are fabulous for this, the ones that go all soft and leave the soap holder in a bit of a mess.

Slit the loofah down one side – take the softened bath or kitchen soap and push it into the fibrous loofah. The more you use the loofah, the more it will soak in and you will have a cleaner soap dish.



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