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Grow Bags – a great Mother’s Day Gift

Grow bags are a wonderful way of growing your own fresh herbs and veggies. 

They take up little space, are easy to water and weed and are not expensive.

ADRA.SX (Adventist Development & Relief Agency) started a great initiative and brought in these great bags to use in a program to help those in need start their own fresh patch in the garden. 

Seeking to develop sustainable healthy lifestyle initiatives that promoted kitchen gardening and poverty alleviation ADRA.SX took the initiative to launch the program to reach out to the vulnerable that has insufficient income to support a healthy eating habit.

400 families in all received the Grow Bags with seeds and seedlings placed inside a grow bag with a plant, seed and starter soil as a way of motivating and inspiring the recipient to grow their own fruits and vegetables. 

ADRA has bags for sale – The cost is just $8 per bag but you can also donate $2 towards helping with their program/project. The grow bag is made of a felt-like material – with a flap on the side! The flap is designed for easy access to root vegetables. 

If you are interested in purchasing an ADRA Grow Bag you can contact GrowBag at +17215548344



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