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Road safety awareness day for 70 children

Last Wednesday, the Association Sécurité Routière SXM organized a day dedicated to road safety, for the benefit of the youth of Quartier d’Orléans.

The association’s goal is to supervise and accompany young people from school to their adult life, to promote the social link as well as the development of civic values through school projects, to fight against school dropout, delinquency prevention, integration and professional integration problems.

Yesterday, 70 children and teenagers, ages 6 to 16 years old, benefited from a road safety awareness course which included :

– Knowledge of the highway code adapted to 6/11 and 12/16 year olds,

– road track,

– fight against addictions (alcohol and drugs),

– initiation to the training for the Brevet de Sécurité Routière (driving a scooter) with the help of a two-wheeler simulator and advice from the SaintMartin firemen.

Also at this event, a reflective vest distribution operation was carried out to the participants. The Prefecture of SaintMartin and Saint-Barthélemy offered some 30 reflective vests, thus allowing children and teenagers to be more visible on the roads of SaintMartin.

The good visibility of the driver in traffic is essential. This is regulated to ensure their safety, that of their passengers and other road users. Several “road safety” days are scheduled by the ASR SXM. Other distributions of reflective vests will be organized in this context.



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