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3D-printed home in Dutch city expands housing options

A Dutch couple have become the proud new tenants of the country’s first ever 3D-printed house. Elize Lutz, 71 and Harrie Dekkers, 67, are moving into the boulder-shaped building in the Bosrijk neighborhood of Eindhoven, in the southern Netherlands. The single-story home has more than 1,000 square feet of floor area, with a spacious living room and two bedrooms. 

The house consists of 24 concrete elements, which were printed layer-by-layer at a plant in Eindhoven. The elements were then transported by truck to the building site and placed on a foundation. The printer consists of a robot with a mechanical arm that can move on a track in seven different directions to lay mortar in a pattern on a print-bed as designed on a computer. The entire project took around a year to complete, though the physical printing took just 120 hours.



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