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Ocean Rowing

Water is our highway! 

Before humans learned to fly, they had to learn how to move across water. Anything that floated, most likely a tree trunk, would have been turned into a boat. Propulsion was probably with another piece of wood used for punting and rowing. 

As centuries passed the design moved forward with the shape and length of vessels and wind or power was enhanced for propulsion.

There is still the call to go back to the old-fashioned way and row a boat!

Would you join an intrepid group of adventurers solo or with others and cross the north Atlantic Ocean – rowing all the way? This mad-cap adventure sounds fun but it is in very cramped quarters! 

The boats leave from the Canary Islands and following winds and tides row their way to Antigua. The rowing journey takes about a month – 6 weeks non-stop!

Problems the rowers are encountering are mainly “salty-bum;” blistered hands and feet; and of course, all that sargassum grass which slows the boats considerably. 

Perks to this adventure are camaraderie making up for the discomfort; wonderful sunrises and sunsets; being out on the ocean far from the madding crowd.

Photo credit: Rannoch Adventures.



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