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Gardening Tips

With a weekend of holiday time turn your hand to some gardening. Set your seeds in small pots of good soil. Plant seedlings in bigger pots of good soil. Remember to water if it is dry.

Companion Plant for successful gardening.

Roses and Garlic – The garlic bulbs help to repel rose pests. Garlic chives are as repellent. When flowering these two plants look great together. 

Marigolds and Melons – Marigold varieties help control nematodes in the roots of melon without using chemical treatments.

Tomatoes and Cabbage – Tomatoes repel diamondback moth larvae, which can chew large holes in cabbage leaves.

Cucumbers and Nasturtiums –besides the fact the iguanas enjoy eating nasturtiums as much as humans do these two plants make very good companions. Nasturtiums repel cucumber beetles, and serve as a habitat for spiders and ground beetles.

Cabbage and Dill – Dill is a great companion for cabbage family plants like broccoli. The dill attracts wasps that control cabbage worms and other pests.

Corn and Beans – The beans attract beneficial insects that prey on leafhoppers and leaf beetles. The vines can also climb up the corn stalks.

Lettuce and Tall Flowers – Tall flowers will give lettuce some shade.



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