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Snorkeling along Petite Plage

A world of fascination lies beneath the ocean surface.

Few people get the chance to see some of amazing sights under the water. Our coastal beaches have some very interesting places to snorkel where it is not very deep.Clarity of the water is often stunning with white sand on the ocean floor and plenty of rocks where fish can hide.

Taking time to float along and gaze at the sea-life growing on the rocks that is beginning to grow back after the hurricane in 2017 will rejuvenate the swimmer. One does need to be able to swim and also need to know how to wear mask and snorkel; it is also advisable to wear fins if one is not a strong swimmer; and take a floating device so boats can see where you are.

This is a picture of a Feather Duster Worm taken while snorkeling Petite Plage, Grand Case with an iPhone 11 in a SeaLife SportDiver housing.

Photo Credit A. Mullen

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