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Police tackle reckless scooter riders

As the Police Force of St. Maarten continues its efforts to keep the public roads safe, a special team was initiated to crackdown on reckless scooter and motorcycle riders, who endanger the safety of other motorists, pedestrians and other road users.

Over the past weekend, the special team stopped several dangerous riders. This led to the arrest of two people, eight fines and 15 impounded scooters.

Police had earlier issued a warning to the scooter and motorcycle riders about their reckless behavior in traffic and that stringent measures will be taken against reckless behavior.

Motorcycle and scooter riders, according to Police, have become more brazen and callous when driving on public roads. Police condemn this dangerous and illegal driving and have initiated measures to curb this behavior.

The Police said it has a duty to enforce the traffic rules and will be enforcing the law when deemed necessary.



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