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Mystery of the Ladder in the tree

ZOUTSTEEG: Many things around the island can give residents and visitors a pause for thought, from traffic signs that are out of place or misspelled words on signage. However, some of these sights elicit even lengthier wonderings.

One such enigma was recently spotted on the corner of Zoutsteeg and Cannegieter Street in Philipsburg. It is a ladder nailed high up in a skinny coconut tree. The position of the ladder so high up makes it useless to a climber wanting to access the fruit of the tree, because the climber would have to clamor up the trunk for several feet before reaching the ladder.

One person who noticed this odd sight recently offered the following guess about why the ladder is so high up in the tree. She said perhaps the tree’s owners nailed the ladder on when the tree was shorter but forgot or did not know coconut trees grow pretty fast.

The mystery remains.



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