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Budding speakers at Mont des Accords College (continued)

Once the essential ingredients for a good speaker were absorbed, the twenty or so students were given the opportunity to express themselves.

Indeed, anticipating a possible participation in the competitions of junior minister of tourism of SaintMartin and then of the Caribbean and as a foretaste of the preparation of the great oral of the baccalaureate, they knew how to seize an opportunity which will consolidate a near future and this, thanks to the commitment of Suzelle Karam, principal of the college Mont des Accords who, without hesitation, ensured the opening of the establishment invacation periods.

In the conference room of the CCISM was where the twenty students were invited on Wednesday, April 21st, along with their parents, classmates, teachers and principal, not to mention a few personalities such as the director of the SaintMartin tourism office and the vice-rector of SaintBarthélemy and SaintMartin. Demonstrations of a panel discussion and the content of a standard speech punctuated a program specific to the toastmasters where the students had to take on various roles such as session chairperson, secretary, timekeeper or critic. The pride of the students was visible and audible, as evidenced by the concluding words of Michel Sanz, Vice-Rector, Head of the National Education Department of SaintBarthélemy and SaintMartin: “In view of what our young students have just demonstrated, we should think about organizing a public speaking contest. Moreover, having the ability to switch from one language to another with such ease is an undeniable asset that reinforces the fact that multilingualism must have its place in our teaching.”



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