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Whale watching

Every year the whales migrate through our coastal waters. For many years past there has not been that much excitement from the general public but this year due to the possible fact that many have invested in small craft s a way of getting out during this Covid pandemic a lot more boats are on the water looking for whales.

It’s great to see so many people enjoying one of the most spectacular sights in nature: the annual migration of Humpback whales to the Eastern Caribbean.

As with many activities there are a number of important things to take note of when on the water:

1. Be courteous to other boaters

2. Be ever-watchful and considerate to everything that calls the ocean home – this includes dolphins and whales.

3. Be aware of areas where boats can go to/anchor in – a lot of our coastal area is marine park – take note of rules and regulations.

Despite their size whales are sensitive creatures and interacting with them wrongly, including swimming with them without knowing what you’re doing, can be dangerous for them and for humans.



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