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Treating the problem vs the symptoms

In today’s developed society it is common practice to label the symptoms as the core problem, we go as far as giving those symptoms names that become commonly known as sickness and treated as such without even for a second wondering where this condition, that once was just a symptom, came from.

Most of our conditions today come from a common denominator: Stress.

Stress is thought to be for the very busy individual that has no time and rushes through life, however a simple uncomfortable situation, fear for the future even a  minor insecurity will be interpreted by your human brain as an alarm setter that will put a halt all your very needed body functions just to deal with this overwhelming feeling.

Picture a small wild rabbit that faces his predator, all of a sudden, his system isn’t sending the regular needed signals that send him to search for food or water, …. all that has now become secondary to the one and only goal: ESCAPE. This rabbit is in survival mode and none of his systems are functioning as they should.

Same thing happens to us when confronted with a situation that we cannot channel at ease. Our heart rate increases, pumping blood faster, our respiratory adapts to this higher pace and from there on all systems follow into panic mode, may be for 10 minutes, may be for 2 hours, may be for a day. We are now in panic mode placing our bodily functions under physical stress, just like the rabbit subconsciously looking for an ESCAPE.Longterm exposure to this unbalanced will create symptoms like: Insomnia,

migraines, indigestion, heartburn, high blood pressure and even skin disorders to name a few.In this series of articles we will be talking about Holistic tips and tricks to combat the problem and forget about the symptoms Naturally.*Disclaimer: this articles are not meant to be or substitute medical advice or treatment. One should always speak to their physician when in need of medical assistance



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