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The Rotary Club of St. Martin North advocates financial assistance to the people of St. Vincent

MARIGOT: The Soufrière volcano in St. Vincent, which had not erupted since 1979, woke up on April 9th, 2021. According to information from the Rotary Club of St. Martin North to the two Rotary Clubs of St. Vincent and St. Vincent South, most homes on the island are without water and affected by ash fallout.

Given the fact that the island’s airports are closed and the logistical problems related to the remoteness of St. Vincent (600 km south of St. Maarten) and the constraints of breaking loads, via Martinique or the island of Bequia, for deliveries by sea, the Rotary Club of St. Maarten North recommends, in the immediate future, financial assistance for the needs of the population in the short, medium and long term.

We would like to thank all individuals or companies who would like to help the Rotary Club of Saint-Martin North in assisting the population affected by this natural disaster. Please make a donation by check, credit card or Paypal via the link on our website (https://www.rcsmn. fr/don/comment-faire-un-don), specifying your contact details, so that we can send you a tax receipt and inform you of the use that will be made of your donation (If you are a tax resident in Saint Martin, your donation to our association will benefit from a tax deduction of 80% on your IR or IS profits; or 66% for tax residents of metropolitan France or overseas).



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