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The Birds in the Wild

Nature Foundation St. Maarten (NF)

Often seen flying overhead are beautiful white birds with a long tail. Their calls are loud and grating, but they are a beautiful sight. These birds do not have legs set as other birds have. They are not able to fly as easily from the ground. They need to push off from a height like a cliff. They eat by plunge diving into the ocean surface. They usually fly in pairs.

Recently NF received a report of a White-tailed tropicbird found in a residential area that was unable to fly away. NF responded to the call and found that the bird was young and still learning to fly.

The bird’s nest in the cliffs in the vicinity of where it was found and so it was returned back to the nesting area.

NF staff would like to remind residents never to approach a bird or wild animal. Call the NF and their fully-trained staff will respond.

Nature Foundation St. Maarten is tasked to monitor and respond to calls on the ecosystems and the species of St. Maarten.

Contact: info@naturefoundationsxm.org / Call +1-721-544-4267.Picture credit from NF.



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