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Sunset Beach Triathlon

A sporty Easter weekend for the many participants!

The Sunset Mini Triple Triathlon organized by the Tri-sport Association last Sunday at the Sunset Bar and Grill in Beacon Hill gathered nearly 50 athletes, confirmed or not, ready to take up the challenge.

Among the numerous participants registered in this event, were the youngest participants of the event, Ryan Benjamin (8 year old) and Mia Pigeon (10 years old) who trained with their coaches, KrispijnTeunissen and Eline de Broere, to be ready for the big day. Congratulations to the young triathletes!

As the name suggests, the Sunset Mini Triple Triathlon consists of three races. This means that the athlete has one hour to complete the event before starting the next race. It can take anywhere from 27 minutes to 50 minutes to complete a race.

For the 1st event, each athlete must complete 1,200 meters of swimming, 8.5 km of biking and 2 km of running versus 200 meters of swimming, 8.5 km of biking and 2 km of running for the 2nd event and finally, 200 meters of swimming, 2 km of running and 8.5 km of biking for the 3rd and last event.

Congratulations to Caroline Delplanque whokepthertitle in the women’s category with an overall time of 1h26 minutes and 53 seconds for the three events completed. Hats off to her!

In the men’s race, Grégory Pigeon did not succeed in makingitthroughtwo rounds and had to lose to Fabien Husson, a member of the Saint-Barth Triathlon.

The general classification:

1st) HUSSON Fabien : 1h12’17” (SAINT BARTH TRIATHLON)

2nd) PIGEON Grégory : 1h13’56” (Non licensed)

3rd) LENOIR Stéphane : 1h15’02” (SAINT BARTH TRIATHLON)

4th) NATCHIMIE Mathis : 1h16’35” (Unlicensed)

5th) MCGARRY TRAVIS : 1h18’21” (Unlicensed)

6th) KRUSZEWSKA Maxime : 1h19’02” (Unlicensed)

7th) PERTUSOT GABRIEL : 1h19’49” (Unlicensed)

8th) GUERRE Alex : 1h20’10” (Unlicensed)

9th) VILLEMIN Boris : 1h21’12” (Unlicensed)

10th) OUTIL Jean Marc : 1h21’14” (SAINT BARTH TRIATHLON)

1st Woman : DELPLANQUE Caroline : 1h26’53” (Unlicensed)



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