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Shoals of fish attract fishers to coastline

Fishing is more than a sport on the shorelines of St. Maarten these days. Many people are heading out with fishing poles and seines to net a fresh catch for their meals. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of people taking to the seaside for food appears to have increased based on what is seen at spots where fish are plentiful.

A trio spotted in Pointe Blanche on Thursday were netting in scoops of “sardines”. The team fish to eat spending sometimes the entire day at various spots. They use a seine to catch the smaller fish for bait and fishing hooks with that bait to snag the bigger fish.

They were competing with the expert fishing skills of the brown pelicans, St. Maarten’s national bird, that called the bay home. In spite of the birds, the fisher-people were brought in sardines for bait and to for a delicious meal or two.

Other popular fishing spots are Oyster Bay, Beacon Hill, and in the area of Simpson Bay Bridge. A lucky fisherman onshore can scoop up at least 10 kilos on a good day. That catch could include snapper, hard nose, and snook.



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