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Sargassum: when will it be collected?

MARIGOT: The sargassum strandings have resumed for several weeks but the brown algae have not been collected. The public is losing patience.

“I can’t take it anymore, I wake up with sinusitis every morning and now I have strong nausea… we are poisoned… nobody cares” alerted a resident of Cul-de-Sac on Thursday, prey to hydrogen sulfide fumes.

Since January, massive sargassum strandings have resumed on the beaches of the island usually impacted: Cul de Sac, Mont Vernon, Lucas Bay, … But according to local residents, “nothing has been collected since the last campaign last summer.

The removal of sargassum stranded, whose jurisdiction is the COM, has been the subject of a public contract in 2019. Two companies have been selected by the Collectivity: Gumbs Technique Nouvelle and Janky Environment. The first is assigned to Grande Caye, the bay of L’embouchure, Lucas Bay and Mont Vernon, while the second is in charge of the bay of Cul-de-Sac, and the beach of the étang aux poissons. In addition to the collection, the market foresees for Grande Caye a storage and a spreading at less than one kilometer (1440€ /day), for Cul de Sac the transport to the eco site ( 22. 50 per ton), for Mont Vernon a storage and a spreading at less than one kilometer (1440€/day), for the bay of the mouth (1440€/day), a storage and a spreading at less than one kilometer, for the pond to the fishes the transport to the eco site ( 22.50€ the ton ), and for the bay Lucas, a storage on site (1440€/day).

For the time being, the COM indicates that it has mandated the companies under contract for several weeks. The latter have obviously not manifested themselves.



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