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Reminder of the sanitary guidelines to be observed for private gatherings

MARIGOT: The Easter weekend vacation period has traditionally been the  ocassion for family gatherings in a public or private setting. However, in the  health crisis, it is important to remember the rules to be respected by all in order to continue effectively in the fight against the coronavirus.

In accordance with the prefectural decree n ° 2021-65 CAB / of March 8th, 2021, any gathering of more than 6 persons is strictly prohibited on public roads, in public spaces or in a place open to the public except for the exceptions mentioned in the decree.

Establishments open to the public must keep themselves informed and respect the sanitary rules of distancing, hygiene and wearing of masks as provided for by decree n ° 2020-1310 of October 29th, 2020. Offenders are subject to an administrative closure in the event of non-compliance with the law.

It is very important, concerning private gatherings, with family or friends, that it is essential to reduce the risks associated with the spread of the virus by limiting the number of participants as much as possible.



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