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Personality of the Week : Artist Jimmy Lucero

Jimmy, born and raised in Santa Barbara, California held a fundraising in Cupecoy recently. He gave 100% of the sale of his paintings, to help people that are suffering from the Covid pandemic in St Maarten.

Jimmy has been a resident of St. Maarten since 2012.

What is your earliest memory of an artwork that captured your imagination?

Seeing murals in Santa Barbara; I wanted to depict the city as seen through a young Hispanic’s eyes.

What is your favourite time of day to be in your studio?

I am in my studio all day, 7 days a week. It is my life calling. “I love creating art work that people can relate to.”

What is your daily routine when here on island?

Early morning bike ride, walking the dog. Discipline comes quite easy as I was a sportsman. I make time to read daily especially about various artists and art exhibits.

You have been involved with many art projects on the island, what are some of them?

AUC – tile mosaic in one of the new buildings, working with kids who came up with ideas to make this tile mosaic.

Axium – two individual shows

Calendar – for the last 8 years I have come up with island images to make a calendar presented to the staff and faculty at AUC as a Christmas gift

Judge – judging art competitions

You bring so much life to the characters you paint, where do you get the inspiration for your painting?

From other genre of painters, – Mary Casset – Frieda Kalo – Diego Revere. I sketch and combine imagery I have seen and use some imaginary ideas.

Which 3 artists, dead or alive, would you choose to chill with over dinner?

Gerhart Ricter, David Alfaro Siqueros and Miro; I would love to discuss the process of the painting. It is not the final outcome of the painting but the process that I really enjoy.

If you know meritorious persons or associations that helps others on St Maarten contact us: faxinfosxm@gmail.com



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