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Period between first and second jab now five weeks

PHILIPSBURG:  People getting vaccinated against COVID-19 will have a five week waiting time between their first and second jabs. This adjustment only applies to first appointments for the Pfizer vaccine. The new policy is in effect as of today, Monday, April 19.

With this adjustment, the Vaccine Management Team aims to partially protect more people against a possible third wave due to the more contagious UK variant.

By delaying the second dose by two weeks, some 5,000 jabs can go to people who haven’t gotten any vaccine. The extended period between the two jabs does not reduce the vaccine’s 95 percent effectiveness.

Vaccination coverage is “still too low to protect against a possible third wave.” To create herd immunity, 34,000 people must be vaccinated. Only about 10,000 persons have received their first jab and almost half have received the second jab.

The two vaccination locations have a collective capacity of nearly 1,000 jabs a day.



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