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Paris: At 21 years old, he climbs the 210 meters of the Montparnasse tower with his bare hands

49 minutes. This is the time it took Alexis Landot, 21 years old, to climb the Montparnasse Tower in Paris on Sunday. He made an ascent of 210 meters without assistance or rope, reports France 3.The video of the event was posted on YouTube on Saturday (https://youtu.be/VkRMIi6y7A0).

The feat, filmed by a GoPro camera fixed on the head of the climber, another on the ground and a drone in the air, was condensed into fifteen minutes “For this climb, I prepared for several months, so especially not to repeat,” warned the young Parisian on the square before launching into the climb.During the entire climb, the young man, who has been climbing since he was 13-14 years old, comments on the gestures he has to make and his sensations.”There is also the height of the building.

And the Montparnasse Tower has two more complicated sections where it’s impossible to rest,” the young climber continues. “You have to do everything in one go. And even on the rest of the climb, the breaks are overall very active. “The Parisian will be interviewed at the end of April for “endangering the lives of others,” as this kind of practice is prohibited by law. But the young man already has other plans to climb. He would like to go to Barcelona, probably to pit himself against the Agbar Tower. A feat achieved by Alain Robert in March 2020.



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