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Operation “Breakfasts” in Saint-Martin: a great success with the students!

The operation “Breakfasts” launched on February 22nd, 2021 in the schools of Saint-Martin has been a great success with the 600 kindergarten and elementary school students who benefit daily from this first meal of the day.

The concerted efforts of the various institutional partners and the entire educational community have made it possible to implement the program by targeting the following educational and social issues:learning to eat well, training in taste and support for the most vulnerable families.

Nearly one out of every two school teachers, regardless of level, identified students in their class who have skipped breakfast. On average, nearly 4 students per class, from CP to CM2, arrive in class with an empty stomach. The reasons given are, in order, lack of appetite, lack of time, getting up early, stress, parents’ absence in the morning and economic reasons.

By meeting the nutritional needs of the student, breakfast promotes concentration, attention and good mood, all of which are factors in school success. It is also a privileged time for sharing and conviviality.



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