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Mehdi Donk on the bill at the Nikon Film Festival

A must for short film directors, the Nikon Film Festival is a major festival in the field in France and internationally, which rewards young film talent every year. Created in 2010 by Nikon France, this year’s exercise imposed a duration of 2 minutes 20 seconds on the theme of the game, and this, without budget and with a deadline of only ten days between the beginning of the writing and the publication of the short film.

It is with his short film entitled “Roshambourg” that Mehdi Donk hits hard. Entirely written and directed by himself, and surrounded by a small team, Mehdi Donk offers a mock-documentary that takes us to the heart of the fictional city of Roshambourg, where society responds to the rules of the famous game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, better known as “Chifoumi. Mehdi, a 27 year old from St. Martin, is a pure self-taught artist from the island’s large pool of talent. Passionate about the seventh art, he went to Paris to pursue his dream, having no training in writing, directing or film production. With his faithful team, he directed four short films and a first web series. He then had to try the Nikon Film Festival experience.

Through his short film, Mehdi Donk shakes up the codes because what would be the limits of a system governed by the rules of a game as offbeat as Chifoumi. If the shooting was done in Paris on one hour of time, the universe that emerges from the short film is as exotic as its appearance is absurd, all on a background close to reality. To be nominated at the Nikon Film Festival is a recognition and a great opportunity to move up the ladder in this very special field. To reach the second stage of this prestigious competition, Mehdi Donk needs to collect a maximum of votes from Internet users. You have until April 11 to vote and support the short film “Roshambourg” by Mehid Donk, go to the festival page: https://www.festivalnikon.fr/video/2020/1467



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