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Kitchen Garden Club – KGC

The Kitchen Garden Club (a Facebook group) was started by a far-seeing person who realized during lockdown that many people were home bored, afraid, depressed and frustrated.

Jacky Barry started KGC on March 31, 2021.

Jacky, a caring person, works as Medical Administrator at Carib Care Physical Therapy Clinic. As a child she grew up in Dominica with a mum who gardened. After having serious medical issues in her 20/30’s she decided that a healthy lifestyle would mean she too needed to get into the garden.

Jacky, an advocate for eating organic, healthy foods, did a livestream while transplanting lettuce, the reviews were overwhelming, people wanted more, and that is how this wonderful group was started. The group is kind and caring, giving and sharing both knowledge and plants without any malice.

It is surprising what can actually be grown on our island. Anyone who is keen to be involved in gardening, growing both what is pleasing to the eye and body can join KGC. The club motivates/inspires gardeners of all stages – beginners and longtime gardeners. The club also holds “Swap & Go” markets where members get together and share.



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