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Island men seek staying power

PELICAN – Island men appear to have had an interesting reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, one that has seen them seek out possibilities to increase and/or sustain their sexual stamina.

Shops and vendors selling over-the-counter male enhancement pills and formulas are reporting  a spike in demand for these types of products since the reopening of businesses after last year’s sudden lockdown.

Whether the continuing spike is due to people having more sex and wanting to have longevity or if this is a simple stress reaction, is no known. The buyers of the items, however, do range from the young age of 25 and peaking to those 55 and beyond.

Representative of Frolic shop in Pelican confirmed the trend. Sales of male enhancement products “actually spiked the month the island reopened,” she said.

Women on the other hand have stuck to their traditional purchases of adult toys and lingerie, she added. This sales category has remained stable.

Limited travel between the islands has dampened some sales. Visitors from some English-speaking islands where the sale of sex paraphernalia is still prohibited due to archaic rules usually shop for their or their partners desires in St. Maarten shops.



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