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Guidelines to keep Covid-19 at bay

With the virus spike in our neighbouring islands going through the roof, it is wise that we all try to keep our island free of the same thing taking place. This is not hard if we pull together and all participate in following the guidelines:

The Three C’s

Remember avoid

Closed Places – especially where there is poor ventilation.

Crowded Places – where lots of people gather and you are right in the middle of the crowd.

Close-Contact – keep your distance from those not in your immediate bubble. Keep at least 2 meters when having a conversation if you meet up whether you are indoors or out.

Wash your hands – do this often especially if you are touching things others may have touched. Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds!

Hand sanitizer – this you can do often, carry a bottle with you.

Wear your mask – Wear your mask over both mouth and nose at the same time! You do not have to wear your mask 24/7.

Stay home – if you are feeling sick; contact you doctor.

Eat wholesome meals and exercise!

Let’s work together – we are One island, One people!



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