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“Club Orient, A Photographic History.”

Author: Olaf Danielson part-owner of Club Orient

A photo is worth a thousand words!

This soft cover, 8.5 x 11 inch book depicts a comprehensive history of what many feel was the greatest resort on earth. There are 236 pages, 110 full color pages, a few ads and some photos of Irma hurricane damage.

The history of the resort is covered including a little about a mostly unknown 1992 movie shoot.Most photos are taken by the author and by two other photographers.

Club Orient was built on what is known as the Caribbean’s premier nude beach on the French side of the island. The resort catered to an estimated 20,000 guests in its 36-year history before Hurricane Irma destroyed it in 2017.

Opened in 1981 this resort was a place where one could shed one’s clothing and enjoy daily activities with other guests who bared all in search of sun and social nudity.

Olaf Danielson put together his photos from over a decade along with photos from a friend who is a professional naturist photographer from the 80’s.



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