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Budding speakers at Mont des Accords College

Becoming ambassadors of one’s territory requires not only knowledge of the latter but also mastery of oral expression. So, what better way than to give yourself the means to educate yourself in the art of public speaking?

Through the tripartite agreement between the Collectivité de Saint Martin, the Saint Martin Tourist Office and the French National Education System, students in the 4th and 3rd grade Tourism classes were asked to voluntarily enroll in a certification course. About twenty students from Mont des Accords were enrolled. All eager to progress, these students showed their assiduity and motivation by devoting 16 studious hours of their Easter school vacations. Under the guidance of expert trainers in the field of public speaking, i.e. volunteer members of the “St. Martin Evolution Toastmasters Club”, they were introduced to the techniques of oral speech. Nadia Agape, Vernicia Brooks,  Sharanne Gibbs, Ingrid Holaman and Glennicia Rogers led them to gain confidence in their potential, taught them how to construct an enunciation within a precise communication framework and how to manage a given speaking time.

As a backup to the toastmasters, the students’ English and tourism teachers, Pascal Dijon and Anthony Gombis, under the watchful eye of Evelyne Fleming, the Vice-Rector’s representative, encouraged these young people to make progress while ensuring that the sessions ran smoothly.



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