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Anguilla locks down after three test positive

Anguilla went into a swift and immediate lockdown on Thursday after registering three cases of COVID-19.  The lockdown will remain in force for 14 days.

Up to April 20, Anguilla had 30 confirmed cases with one active imported case on island. On April 21, a case was confirmed in a symptomatic female resident who had no apparent direct links to any imported case. Linked to this case, two further persons have tested positive. All three positive persons are in isolation.

Everyone other than those providing essential services are required to stay at home.  People are permitted to leave their residence only to seek medical care, including vaccinations, to buy food or fuel.

“The shops remain open and are stocked.  We ask you not to panic buy or hoard,” said Anguilla Governor Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam.

Restaurants and other food establishments are restricted to take-out services only.

Non-essential workplaces are closed.

All public gatherings are prohibited. This includes the closure of churches, schools, nightclubs and bars.

All ports are closed to all incoming passengers, but outgoing movements are permitted.

Outdoor exercise should not exceed 90 minutes per day and is limited to 5:00am and 6:00pm.



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